School Rules

Appearance of learners

The appearance of the learner shall comply to what is stated in the prescribed uniform. The learner will keep his/her personal hygiene with the knowledge that wherever they wear their school uniform they are an ambassador of Christ Gen School.

Conduct and behaviour of Learners

In the learning centre the learners will:
Do their work quietly in their office
Raise the appropriate flag to get the attention of the supervisor or monitor
Keep their learning centre and office clean at all times
Keep all toys at home
Score honestly without talking
Ask for permission to leave the learning centre
Always act and talk respectfully towards their superiors and fellow learners


OUR SCHOOL IS OUR PRIDE! Therefore, the school property or the property of others must be treated with respect at all times. Vandalism in any form will not be tolerated

Cell Phone Policy

No student is allowed to have his/her cell phone with them during school time. Students can hand in their phone to their monitor at the beginning of the day and collect it at the end of the day. All confiscated phones must be collected by a parent (not a learner). See code of conduct for further information.

Absenteeism/late coming

The learner must always:
Be present in class and at all school events
Make sure his/her parents furnish their supervisor with a doctors’ certificate or a call to the principal.
Learners will be furnished with a late coming slip, which will need to be signed and sent back to school the following day with a reason for late coming. After the 3rd late coming offence, detention will have to be served and the WCED will need to be informed.

Please note that chronic absenteeism will be reported to the WCED and will inhibit the students’ progress. No student may leave the school premises in school time without permission from the Principal or Senior Administrator.