Christ Gen School

To equip our children by applying a Christian-based education which enables them to reach their full GOD-ordained potential.

School in Parow

What We're All About

Christ Gen School (CGS) is an Independent Private School in Parow, Western Cape, which is registered with the Western Cape Education Department. The main curriculum which we apply is that of Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.). Our school offers two international exit routes and caters for Grades RR - 12, subject to terms and conditions.

Our mission is to educate learners in an academically, excellent and Christ-centred environment that nurtures and equip them to make an impact for Jesus Christ. Our school creates a great atmosphere to enable learners to strive therein. We offer a strong academic programme that integrates with the Biblical principles.

Our Main Curriculum

A.C.E. is a Bible-based curriculum consisting of reading programmes, core curriculum, required electives and additional programmes. The A.C.E. curriculum has taken the conventional style textbook and divided it into bite-sized and achievable worktexts called PACEs.

The globally successful A.C.E. programme is an unique education system that offers learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace while being guided by excellent Biblically-based learning materials. The A.C.E. programme was developed to offer parents and learners a high quality Christian alternative to the conventional schooling system. This learning system is aligned with the South African school curriculum and has been used by schools and homeschools around the world for more than four decades. This is an excellent tool to equip the next generation to adapt to the changing face of modern education. This is our offer to you at our School in Parow.

Benefits of the A.C.E Curriculum

Some benefits that can be reaped from the A.C.E. curriculum include:

  • Individualised learning. Learners are distinct from one another as each learner has unique skills and talents. The A.C.E. programme provides for a learner to work at his/her own pace in all subjects, without being judged or compared with peers.
  • Mastery-Based Learning. The A.C.E. system is based on the principle that learning should progress progressively with each new set of materials being mastered before moving on to the next.
  • Christian Character Development. Character development is a primary goal of the A.C.E. programme in respect of which learners are helped to grow in honouring God so that they can exhibit character traits such as kindness, honesty, integrity, love, respect, etc.
  • Goal Setting and Time Management. By establishing and working towards daily objectives, learners in the A.C.E. programme gain experience in anaging their time effectively and completing specialised projects on schedule.

You will have peace of mind when you entrust your child’s school career to Christ Gen School. Please bear in mind that learners can be admitted to our school at any time during the year, subject to terms and conditions.