AEE Program

We apply the Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) program as our educational tool. This program allows a student to function on his/her own level of ability, thus ensuring that each student progresses at their own pace, and not according to a group, or age level. It might thus mean that a student will not function on a level of curriculum corresponding to other students on this age level.
This student might be on a lower or even higher level of capability than other students at his/her age level. A student might thus also transfer to the next level at any time during the year.
The AEE curriculum utilises continual assessment. The student works individually through PACEs (modules) and is assessed at least 5 times during the course of each PACE.
In the final assessment, called the PACE Test, the student has to master the material with 90% and above for Grades 1-3, and 80% and above for Grades 4 – 12 in order to continue to the following PACE. Word building 90% for all Grades.


SkillsPro is a South African computer education company run by a team of fully qualified educators. SkillsPro was established in 1999 in order to address the critical need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training at Secondary schools and corporate level. This program is to Empower educators and all students in SA to be proficient with technology for better learning, instruction and communication.


A wide range of content and skill development is woven into the curriculums of Futurekids, including computer sciences and educational components such as keyboard skills, Word processing, Graphics and design, Desktop publishing, Environmental simulation, Animation, Robotics, Computer-assisted mathematics and reading, and Logical thinking skills.
Skillspro/Futurekids have been accredited by the ISETT SETA (ACC 01000233) to train ICT qualifications from 2003.