Wednesdays and Thursdays from 14:00-15:00 our students have the opportunity to take part in different societies to further their knowledge in different skills.

Life Skills

On Wednesdays, our students engage in different activities teaching them basic skills to make everyday life easier. E.g Sewing a button, changing a tire, baking, electrical tips etc.

Mind Games

On Thursdays, our students partake in different kinds of critical thinking games which stimulate the brain enabling you to have a broader understanding of how to decipher different problems.


On Thursdays, our students have the time to learn different Arts and Crafts skills where they get to express their creativity.


On a Wednesday our students display their musical gifts and learn new techniques on how to further themselves in the different areas of music.


On a Wednesday our students enthusiastically display their abilities in performing arts while they express themselves through dance and drama.